It's time we simplify sustainable living

Factory farming came about from a moral race to the bottom, with corporations vying against each other to produce more and bigger animals with less care at lower cost.

Matthew Scully

Are you tired of dreaming of relying less on the corporate world, but are held up by chronic pain?​

That was me not all that long ago.

Finding a reliable source to refer to in any self-improvement or self-sufficiency journey can be filled with a long list of various sites and groups that claim to have all the answers. Here on the Simple Homestead we got tired of looking for answers from the modern and went back to our elders and ancestors for help now we are bringing it all to you! No more searching and no more guesswork, but who am I and why trust me…

Well, for starters Samantha, yours truly, grew up on a farm as well as a klutz (no broken bones just lots of torn ligaments). Fast forward at 25 my health went from iffy to deteriorating fast and now I live with an autoimmune disorder leaving me in constant pain. Even with the help, my pain management is essentially in my hands. I can now do things I didn’t think I would ever do again all because I didn’t give up, took my tips to heart.

Every person has their own reasons for reaching for the stars. If you are interested in growing and storing your own food as well as finally managing your pain and becoming healthy for the first time.

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