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Are you tired of just dreaming of relying less on the corporate world, but are held back by chronic pain?

That was me not all that long ago, now we’re well on our way to needing them very little.

If you are interested in growing and storing your own food as well as finally managing your pain and becoming healthy for the first time.

I am here for you!

My mission is to help like minded people with the desire of growing their own food obtain the skills needed to take their health into their own hands.

Who says that you can’t garden? Is it your knees? Your back? Joints? Do you have migraines?

Let me tell you, no matter the situation, you can start working towards your own version of self-sufficiency. From a little apartment, an urban house, a rental, out in the country, with your family, it’s possible you just have to take the steps necessary to get yourself there, even through your pains and choose to live how you want.

Learn how to manage your symptoms with me while we embark on a journey to self-reliance. Just about anything is possible with enough determination.

At 25 I was a new mom, and my health was deteriorating. Chronic explainable pains and migraines kept me from the garden and livestock but worst of all I had to rely on family to help properly care for my son.

We burned through so many diagnoses, I don’t even remember them all, what we wound up settling on is Ankylosing Spondylitis, much like other members of my family shockingly enough we we all diagnosed within a few years of each other.

What I’ve learned from all the swelling, explainable pain on top of my migraines?

Sitting around waiting for medications to help manage my symptoms will only drive myself and family crazy. Sure the inflammation was going down but the pain and the uncertainty of abilities can be discouraging.

A tough pill to swallow was actually in the form of a reminder of my roots from my partner. He reminded me of my grandparents, they taught me my childhood gardening and livestock skills, and that they can be used as a therapeutic exercises and how it helped him work through his rheumatism. 

So like a good grandchild I pondered the things he told me and started incorporating his ideas. Sure enough the activities in the garden do help manage the pain and mobility issues as well as made me more accessible to my very young son. On the days that my migraines kept me bed bound, my symptoms increase almost like a yo-yo.

To manage my situation, and to help you get on track, I have not only incorporated my grandfather’s pain management techniques with tips and tricks from my doctors and natural remedies. From healing with good food, to at home exercises and activities, to holistic self-care I have you covered.

Included in my tips I will link to scientific and scholarly research to help you choose your own path so long as you promise to talk to your physicians about your plans and always consult them about your care. I am not a doctor nor will I ever take that time or credit or be held responsible for your choices; I will however share what is working for me and my family in a hope to help you come up with ideas for you.

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