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Its true, what John Shipp said, we really do either get better or become bitter.

So What Is Holding You Back From Getting Better?

To make things clear I help people learn to homestead in place with their chronic conditions. To be honest I believe that there are three types of people when it comes to being chronically ill or having a chronic health situation.

My mission is to help like minded people with the desire of growing their own food obtain the skills needed to take their health into their own hands; to learn more about what I am all about click over to the About Page where I go more in-depth on what I do and why got me to this point.

Let me tell you, no matter the situation, or location, you can start working towards your own version of self-sufficiency. Little apartment, urban house, rental, out in the country, with family, it is possible you just have to take the steps necessary to get yourself there, even with your pain.

Take the plunge and learn how to manage your symptoms while embarking on your own journey of self-reliance. Anything is possible if you believe.

Here Are Some Posts To Get You Started On Your Path Of Autoimmune Self-Discovery

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