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As you may have picked up on, I have been a farm gal my entire short life and I have only been contiously managing my disorder since my son was born in 2015 and I am just going to say it “I Don’t Know Everything”, there done.

Honestly though, I want you to reach out and ask your questions regarding holistic autoimmune care and living a homesteading lifestyle. If I don’t know the answer I sure as heck am going to find one or try to at that rate.

Additionally I want you to keep me in line too, there is a ton of misinformation out there. While I do a bunch of research on each of my posts if you find that I didn’t have my facts strait, darn it let me know I want to fix them if they come up so we can all benefit here.

Take a moment to fill out our contact form, it only takes a moment and I check the form regularly so we can all stay up to date.

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