Holistic Health

Have you tried treating your entire self and not just your symptoms?

Sometimes when I see a doctor, it seems as though they are only putting a bandaid over a situation. There was one time when I was brushed off entirely. That was fun. Needless to say I did not see that doctor again.

Here at the Simple Homestead I believe that our health is more than just eating the right things, or taking the right vitamin and mineral supplements. I believe that there is more to our chronic pains and situations as well as that we could be doing more to get our health back in line.

From what we put into our bodies, to the exercises we are or aren’t doing, all the way to the way we think; everything has an impact on the way we feel and how our bodies display our symptoms.

Join me in my journey to harnessing my chronic pain and inflammation as I gain control of my life again.

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