Sticking to a Healthy Diet: More Than Lifestyle

While we are talking about snacks, did you know that, besides time-management or finances, snacking is one of the leading reasons people give up on their New Year’s “diet”?

Not that shocking I know. Well something I have mentioned before is how we plan our week then stock our pantry.

By planning and then stocking along with having a reserve for school and the office we are able to eliminate last minute junk food rather quickly from all our diets (my dad doesn’t count he does what he wants at work or after).

To be honest, I really miss being able to eat whatever I felt like, and all the energy I had growing up on the farm. 

I can say without a doubt that my body started deteriorating back in 2006, around the same time I started eating a more processed diet and less from the farm. Sure my genetics had a bit to do with this (or alot) but like all my doctors have mentioned, our health starts in the gut, can’t be healthy if you are eating crap.

I was diagnosed in late 2017, and at that point I didn’t think I was going to walk without a walker or worse really play with my son again. Not only can I contribute my ability to have a strong relationship with my son but my independance on both taking my TNF blocker regularly as well as managing my diet. Which I will note has not been easy.

A bit of housekeeping; I am not a doctor and will never take the courses to be called one. These articles are based on personal experience and not to be used in lieu of medical advice. Please seek help from your medical provider in reaching your health goals.

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On To Sticking To A Healthy Diet

Autoimmune and Chronic Pain Diets for Health

How many diets and foods have been labeled “Heart Healthy” or that it is a “Smart Choice”, way too many. I feel my joints swell just from thinking about it. Eh!

So what are the real choices for those of us that have an auto-immune disorder? To be frank, if we really want to ensure that what we want is “Healthy” or that it is a “Smart Choice” we should really make our meals ourself. 

I have postponed this post for weeks from trying to find the man that said this inspiring thing but to be honest I can’t seem to find the quote or the documentary anywhere. Any what what the man said was that he tells his clients that “they can eat anything they want so long as they make it themselves”.  His reason for this was that “people don’t tend to eat an entire pie when they have to make it entirely from scratch”. I will include who he was when I find the documentary, and if you know who said it please email me.

So what does this have to do with the diet you will choose for your new life? A TON!

What I believe the man was saying is that our mindset as well as the portions and energy exerted are what helps us maintain a healthy weight and body. Other things to consider are the foods that upset our body, even a minor allergy or intolerance is cause for worry when you have an autoimmune disorder. 

Things that our body needs are high quality prodiens, plenty of healthy organic fats and oils, as well as a modest amount of carbs. From here we can plan our daily meals, and to remember you are only as restricted as you make yourself and that planning saves more than time.

Here is an example of what my family and I eat in a week as well as when we prep various aspects of what we consume, including shopping.

Choosing Your Diet

Are you ready to start taking your and your family’s health to the next level?

I highly recommend going with a Keto, Paleo, or even GAPS. Ya some really challenging ones those are.

The question you should ask is what can you start now, like right now. GAPS is more difficult to start right off the cusp but Paleo and Keto are far more forgiving.

When we converted we jumped into Keto, mostly because it is the easiest to use to transfer from into the others once the house is purged of things you and your family will no longer be consuming. If you don’t know what to do with the extra food and they wouldn’t take it as a donation for your local community sharing then call up friends and family, someone is bound to happily take things on. 

Once you have a handle on the new lifestyle diet you choose you can adjust things as needed.

Diet With Others

On the other hand, if you’re having a hard time sticking to your new lifestyle on your own, bring in some friends to keep you accountable (or someone you can connect with to keep you accountable in your new lifestyle choice).

I’ve been considering setting up a facebook community where we can support each other, but, there are already so many communities there that you can through a rock and find something in your area. If do want me to set up a facebook group to help keep you accountable in your selfsufficiency journey here is a quick survey on what you are needing out of a facebook agriculture and autoimmune community.

In my situation I have to manage not only my diet but that of a large household (4 adults & 2 kids) and it is important that everyone is on the same page so that we don’t have any shortages. If you are on your own grab a friend (or a few) that may want to join in the journey with your or atleast get your house involved. You never know unless you ask so try it.

Meal Plan And Prep To Keep To Your Diet

When you get things ironed out on the what now its a matter of how, and adjusting to your new lifestyle. In our house we have detected sundays to planning our weekly meals as well as talking about other things that will be going on, from inventory to things that need done on the farm Sunday is our day.

I am away most of the weekend with Lil-Bear spending time with my partner and much needed family time, but once we are back on Sunday I’m all business. Even though my family cares for the livestock while I am gone I still have to check them and make sure nothing needs to go on that night’s farm shopping list, then we plan the week and prep some meals and snacks.

We don’t prep full meals or lunches like some, instead we pull meat out the night before or two nights before to thaw in the fridge as well as make extra for the next day’s lunch (if they can control their portions at dinner). Honestly I hate scrounging for lunch, it makes me eat things that are bad for me, though I know better.

Besides that we make sure that the house pantry has what is needed for that week’s meals as well as any snacks or random things that we will need. (School/Office Snacks)

Have A Stash Of Emergency Snacks

Some great snacks that work great for our modified farm diet are:

  • Premade parfait
  • Mixed Nuts, Seeds, and Dehydrated Fruit
  • Fruit Leather
  • “Sourdough” Cookies or Bars Variations
  • Cheese and “Sourdough” Crackers or Chips

Any way not to drag this post on forever, but those are a few ideas on snacks.

You don’t have to miss your childhood ability to eat whatever entirely, you have the tools to make your body work for you it is just going to take time and more knowledge and will power.

I’m sorry to say that there isn’t a one size fits all autoimmune or chronic pain diet that can fix your problems. You need to figure out what works with your body.

We jump back and forth between Keto and Paleo and something in between that it’s embarrassing, you figure out you, or join in mine. Once you figure out the what of your new lifestyle because you aren’t jumping down a binge diet this is your new lifestyle, you need to figure out your how.

Remember friends, family, partner, or even a facebook group can do the trick to keep you accountable just don’t go it completely alone, this includes that planning of your future meals. Get a routine down of when you plan and shop that way you are more likely to stick to your new lifestyle as well as prepare for the random snack cravings that way you aren’t caught wanting.

If you or someone you care about live with chronic pain, inflammation, or struggle with mental health, take a moment to join us. Download our More Than Lifestyle Handout that covers the many options you may have in taking control of your life. Click here to grab your download!

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