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Published July 2016

Updated February 2021


Please read these terms and conditions completely before use of the Simple Homestead website, operated by Samantha Kreklau. Your access and use of the Simple Homestead is conditional on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These terms apply to all visitors, and users who access this website.

By accessing or using any services provided, you agree to be bound by these terms.

If you disagree with any part of the terms you give up the right to access the site and services. 

Terms Of Use

The Simple Homestead is written for our and your enjoyment and we have comment fields on articles; further use of the comment section is conditional upon the comments and responses remaining respectful. Any foul language, or hate speech, will lead to denial of access to comments or the entire site. Our mission is to support others achieve their goals; to do so we will stand up for the rights of those dreams.


Samantha Kreklau claims copyright protection under the 1976 copyright act. The content published on this site is intended for private personal noncommercial uses, and shall not be modified, copied, or reproduced without the owner’s written consent; this includes: writings, images, printable documents and promotions. Any authorized use must maintain original sourcing and credits.

Privacy Policy

Here at the Simple Homestead, every effort is made to protect every visitor’s information. We do voluntarily collect names and emails for subscribers, as well as in article comments. This information is shared with our email service MailChimp and used for our email list, click here to view their Privacy Policy. We also utilize cookies through Google Analytics and AdSence to provide the best online experience for our visitors. To view the Policy for Google Analytics click here and for AdSense click here.

If you do not wish to be involved in any of the above you can turn off your cookies in your web browser settings; for instruction in doing so go to the settings in your web browser. Providing a name or email is always optional, and subscriptions can be canceled, or unsubscribed from at any time. Further use of this site is user choice and policy binding.


Subscriptions to our mailing list are voluntarily, and can be canceled at any time by the subscriber. All material are managed by our email manager MailChimp to enhance protection of user information. To unsubscribe to any or all services follow the link at the bottom of any email correspondence.


Articles may include affiliate links, and in no way, do these affiliations effect or sway the content or view of the writer. The writer, Samantha Kreklau, is not a medical doctor, veterinarian, or professional contractor of any form; all skills and topics discussed are based off the writer’s research and experience, readers are advised to do their own research on topics along with possibly contacting a professional in the field in question. Mrs. Kreklau will not be held liable for any reader that does not practice their own due diligence.

Links to offsite advertisements or other websites in general; the use of these links are to be taken with user discretion and said links are not bound by these terms and conditions. Any use or purchase made is between you the user and the website involved; any harm that could come from access of links is not monitored by the Simple Homestead, and we will not be held liable for possible damages.


The Simple Homestead reserves the right, at our own discretion, to change, update, or replace these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be made notable on the website homepage, as well as in the month’s newsletter. What constitutes as change is determined solely by our discretion.

Contact And Questions

Any questions regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to our contact box. All responses are completed in the order they are received; every effort is made to respond promptly.

Best wishes on your self sufficiency journey!

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